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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Scholarship Calender

2010-2011 Scholarship Calendar For Master and PhD Students

Here’s a primer on the Scholarships that can fund you
studies abroad

January: - Name of Scholarship: Charles Wallace Scholarship
(short research or professional visits)

What’s it about? Every year, the trust gives 10 to 15 grants
towards the costs of short visits to the

UK by academic research scholars and professionals. The
grants are intended as contributions

towards costs of a visit of three weeks to a month. Applicants
planning to stay longer are advised

to supplement this grant from other sources. These do not
cover international fares.

Candidates should be Indian citizens and aged between 25and 45. They
should have
good knowledge of English, have completed their studies and
have had four or more years of  research or professional experience. Preference is given to
post- doctoral applicants.

How to apply: Visit
www.britishcouncil.org or email to cwit@btinternet.com for further details

February: Name of scholarship: Inlaks Scholarship

What’s it about? Ten scholarships are offered to Indian students for study of up to two years at
top institutions in –America, or Europe in all kinds of subjects, except engineering, computer
science, urban planning, business studies, medicine, public health, Indian studies and history.

Candidates must have got admission to their proposed course of studies before applying.

The scholarship covers the tuition fees, living expenses and
one-way travel.

Eligibility: Candidates must hold a good degree from a recognized university and must be
residents in India at the time of applying. The institutions concerned must be top notch.

Applicants must be below 30 years of age on July 1 of the year of application. Preference will be
given to candidates who have not yet studied abroad.

How to apply: Visit
www.inlaksfoundation.org for further details

Get the form from Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation, C/o Inlaks
India Foundation 86/87

Atlanta, Nariman Point Mumbai 400021

Name of scholarship:
Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Trust ScholarshipWhat’s it about? The scholarships are meant for PhD and
post-doctoral studies in

microelectronics, computer science, biotechnology,
economics, mass communication and

management at a UK university. The trust will bear travel

Eligibility: Candidates must have a Master’s degree with two
years of research/training

experience or a PhD degree and be aged 30 or below.

How to apply: Contact the secretary, department of
Education, External Scholarship Division,

A-1/W.3, Curzon Road barracks, kasturba Gandhi Marg, New
Delhi-110001. Last date is March


March: Name of
Scholarship: Commonwealth scholarship/fellowship, UK

What’s it about? This
scholarship is open for students from different disciplines like

medicine, engineering and technology, science, agriculture
and allied fields and

humanities and social sciences. For students with a medicine
background, scholarships

are assigned for project- oriented training in higher
techniques and methodology and are

not for generalized training/ studies leading to a degree or
diploma. In other disciplines,

it’s for one year in the case of Master’s or three years for

Eligibility: For Master’s degree, one must have a Bachelor’s
degree with 55 percent or

above marks in humanities and social sciences and 60 per
cent or above marks in others.

Candidate should give a one-page academic justification for
pursuing a Master’s degree

in the UK.

For PhD, candidates must have completed their Master’s
programme in the related

fields, securing 55 per cent marks in humanities and social
science and 60 per cent or

above marks in other areas.

How to apply: Visit

Name of Scholarship:
Fulbright Nehru’s Master’s fellowship for leadership development

What’s it about?
Fulbright scholarships are offered to professionals in the areas of

administration, communication studies, economics,
environment and Public administration. The

application deadline last year was July 15 and the
announcement for 2011-12 is expected in

February or March.

Candidates must have completed the equivalent of a US bachelor’s degree
from a

recognized Indian university with at least 55 per cent marks
(four year Bachelor’s degree or

completed a Master’s degree if the first degree is of less
than four years duration), must have at

least three years’ full time (paid or voluntary)
professional or work experience relevant
to their

proposed field of study; demonstrate experience in
leadership and community service and

preferably be in the age group of 25-30 years.How to
apply: Visit
www.usief.org.in/scripts/for Indian Nationals For students Fulbright – Nehru

Masters Fellowships. As px for further details.

April: Name of the scholarship: Agatha Harrison Memorial
Fellowship (St. Antony’s College,


What’s it about? Scholarships are offered for advanced
research in modern Indian studies in

history, economics and political science at the Oxford
University. Scholars would be given a

stipend of 24536 pounds in the first year, which is
extendable for another year.

Eligibility: Candidates must be Indian nationals in the age
group of 30-40 years.

They should have a brilliant academic record with 60 per
cent marks at the Master’s level

and a PhD degree in the subject or published works of
equivalent merit. They must have at least

three years’ teaching experience at the graduate or
post-graduate level.

How to apply: Visit www.education.nic.in for more details.

May: Name of scholarship:
Mexican Scholarship

What’s it about? Six
scholarships are offered for Master’s or PhD programmes in any of the

subjects including agriculture, architecture, biotechnology,
environment science, Latin American

studies, Spanish literature,
history, economics, psychology and geography. The air travel (New

Delhi-Mexico –New Delhi) must be covered by the candidate
unless otherwise specified.

Applicants should be below 26 years for Master’s and below 30 years for

They should have a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent with a
minimum of 65 per cent

marks in the relevant subject for the PG degree and at least
65 per cent marks in the relevant

subject for PhD.

How to apply: Visit www.education .nic.in for the details

June: Name of
scholarship: German Scholarships

What’s it about? These scholarships are offered for PG
programmes with special relevance to

developing countries, in select German universities. Scholars
are entitled to receive a stipend of

750 euros, return air fare, tuition fee, research subsidy
and health insurance.

Candidates must have a first class Bachelor’s degree, and must be
working under a

public authority or a state or private company in developing
country and engaged in the planning

and execution of directives and projects with emphasis on
development policies having a bearing

on technological economic or social areas. There should not
be a gap of more than three years

between the award of their last degree and the application
deadline. A candidate should not be

older than 36 year. Last year the deadline was October 1.How
to apply: Visit www.newdelhi.daad.de/main Frame/home/Aufbau.pdf, call

or email to dixit@daaddelhi.org

July: Name of
scholarship: Rhodes Scholarships for Master’s at Oxford University

What’s it about? Five scholarships are given for Master’s
programmes at the Oxford University.

Rhodes scholars are encouraged to stay for at least two years
at Oxford. Those doing a one year’s

Master’s degree are allowed to take up two such courses, if
they like. It covers full tuition

(college and university), air travel to Oxford and a
generous maintenance stipend. Up to 20

candidates are shortlisted for the final interviews, usually
held in October in Delhi, for five


Candidates must be between the age of 19-25 on October 1 of the year
when the

session applied for, is expected to start. They must have at
least a first class degree in humanities,

science, law, engineering, agriculture or medicine from an
Indian university. Candidates who are

in the final year of a degree course and have an
exceptionally bright academic record may also


How to apply: Visit www.rhodesscholarships-india.com Email
to rhodesindia@yahoo.co.in or

call 01126741260 for further details.

August: Name of
scholarship: Charles Wallace Scholarships

What’s it about?
There are a host of awards under the Charles Wallace scholarships at

difference institutions-writer fellowship at the University
of Kent (for three months); writer

fellowship at Centre of Commonwealth Studies, University of
Stirling (for three months);

translator fellowships at British Centre for Literary
Translation, University of East Anglia (for

two months); and Iqbal Sarin visiting fellowship in
journalism at Cardiff School of Journalism,

Media and Cultural Studies (for three months).

Candidates should be Indian citizens, domiciled and resident, aged
between 25 and

45 (except for translator fellowships for which there is no
upper age limit). They should have

completed their PG studies in the area of their
specialization and /or have between five to seven

years professional experience.

How to apply: Visit www.britishcouncil.org/India-scholarships-cwit.htm
for further details or

email to cwit@in.britishcouncil.org.

September: Name of Scholarship: Skoll Scholarships at said Business School,

What’s it about? The Skoll scholarship is meant for incoming
MBA students who pursue

entrepreneurial solutions for urgent social and
environmental challenges. It provides funding and

exclusive opportunities to meet world-renowned
entrepreneurs, thought leaders and investors.

The deadline for applying this scholarship is generally the
first week of January but you must

first send your application for the MBA at Said Business
School by September or October.Eligibility:
Candidates must have started or worked in social venture for 12 months
or longer.

They must demonstrate evidence of personal qualities,
strongly resonating with social

entrepreneurship leadership and must establish the need for
a management degree to further

contribute to the social task they have taken up.

How to apply: For
details visit www.sbs.ox.ac.uk/degrees/mba/scholarships/pages/skoll


October: Name of the scholarship: The Gates Cambridge Scholarships.

What’s it about? The
Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation offers scholarships for PG or research

studies at Cambridge University. Every year, the foundation
selects around 90 scholars from

around the world. You must first apply to the University for
an admission. All applications are

first evaluated by the respective academic department at
Cambridge. Of these, the department

then recommends the very best applicants to the trust. So
aspirants must apply to both –for

admission to the course and the scholarship at the same

Candidates must have a first class or high second class honours degree
or equivalent

from a recognized university and must secure admission to
the Cambridge University on their

own. They may apply to study any subject available at the
university, in any full-time residential

course leading to a PhD degree, one-year PG qualification,
two year MSc degree, second

Bachelor’s degree as an affiliated student or MBB Chir
clinical studies.

How to apply: Visit
www.gatesscholar.orgfor further details.

Name of scholarship:
Vanier Canada Scholarships

What’s it about? The
Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships (CGS) programme is designed to

attract and retain doctoral students who demonstrate
leadership skills and a high standard of

scholarly achievement in doctoral studies, at one of its 92
universities. It offers a significant

financial award (Canadian$50,000 per year for three years)
to assist successful candidates during

their studies. Last year, the last date for application was
November 6.

Candidates must have brilliant academic results (demonstrated by
transcripts, awards

and distinctions); a programme of study and demonstrated
potential of leadership skills and

relevant professional and academic experience, including
research training and potential

leadership ability.

How to apply: Visit
www.vanier.gc.ca/processprocessus-eng.shtml for further details.;

November: Name of scholarship: Czech Republic Scholarships.

What’s it about? Four
scholarships are offered for Master’s and PhD (two each for both) in

agriculture and electrical/electronic/mechanical
engineering. In agriculture, only doctoral

fellowships would be offered. Scholars would be entitled to
receive 7000 CZK (Czech crown) per month for Master’s and 7,500 CZK per month
in PhD. Travel costs (both sides) are to be

borne by the candidate.

Candidates must have a good academic record with at least 60 per cent
marks in the

relevant subject at the Bachelor’s level for a Master’s
programme and at least 60 per cent marks

at the Master’s level in the field to study or equivalent
qualification in the subject selected.

A summary of the study proposal should be furnished.
Applications who graduated from Czech

universities enjoy priority over other candidates.

How to apply: Visit
www.education.nic.in for further details

December: Name of scholarship: Dr. Manmohan Singh Scholarships.

What’s it about? Dr.
Manmohan Singh Scholarships enable academically outstanding Indian

students to go to St. John’s College, University of
Cambridge, to study for doctoral degrees in

areas like science and technology, economics and social
sciences. Applications in aerospace

engineering and energy studies will be of particular
interest to the selectors.

Eligibility: Applicants must be below 35 years of age and
hold a Master’s degree- with first class

(UG and PG) - from a reputable/recognized Indian
University/institution in the relevant


How to apply: Visit

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